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Meeting the aspirations and needs of individual children and young people

Our approach is based on the practice in the best schools in which each child’s needs and aspirations are met in a stimulating and safe environment. We understand that excellent discipline, and the security of each pupil to both express individuality and take responsibility at school, are fundamental to personal, social and academic success. We know that in the best schools and academies, pupils are not only taught exceptionally well, but are also trained and encouraged to progress to the jobs, training and higher education most suited to their talents and abilities, irrespective of their social or economic circumstances.

A focus on traditional subjects - in a broad curriculum

The Russell Education Trust [RET] has a strong focus on the necessary achievement of every pupil, in the traditional subjects. In particular, we believe English, maths and science, alongside a wider focus on literacy and numeracy, to be the bedrock of school effectiveness – and of each child’s social and educational development.  Our curriculum is designed so that a high proportion of students achieve the English Baccalaureate.

Supporting Teachers - reducing workload

RET teachers are supported by exemplary senior leaders and by a network of advisors.  Subject leaders and subject teachers each belong to their appropriate Subject Network, through which they have access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with shared SOW, assessments, exemplar student work and other resources.  Shared systems for Performance Management, NQTs, data analysis and attendance are designed to alleviate senior management workload whilst supporting high standards.